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The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival's Best of the Fest tour kicks off in Squamish this weekend, March 6 and 7, at the Eagle Eye Theatre featuring presentations by extreme skier Greg Hill and alpinist Jeremy Frimer plus a showcase of the wildest adrenaline-fueled mountain adventure films from the 2009 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival's Best of the Fest tour! Two nights of films and presentations! More details on the tour page or

Best of the Fest Tour Coming to Kelowna, BC, on October 24
September 28, 2009 | 474x
Our tour with the winning festival films will be coming to Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia at 7:00 pm on October 24, 2009. The show will be held at the Kelowna Community Theatre, 1375 Water Street, in Kelowna downtown. Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door, and they are available at most outdoor shops in Kelowna. For more information and program contact our tour host in Kelowna Jonathan Dean Urness at goclimbon(at)

VIMFF 2009 Film Festival Winners
March 2, 2009 | 2051x
Festival Grand Prize (Best Film Overall, sponsored by Petzl) - BOREALIS
Best Film on Mountaineering (The Alpine Club of Canada Award) - ANNAPURNA IN LIGHT STYLE
Best Canadian Film (Mountain Equipment Co-op Award) - BOREALIS
Jury's Award (Festival Award) - SOLO
Best Film on Mountain Culture (B.C.M.C. Award) - JOURNEY OF A RED FRIDGE
Best Film on Rock Climbing (Katherine Rae Award) - URUCA 5.11 / 5.13c
Best Film on Mountain Biking (Festival Award) - REVOLUTION ONE
Best Film on Skiing (Festival Award) - ARBITRARY WINTER
Best Environmental Film (Festival Award) - RED GOLD

VIMFF Finale with Alex Huber and Film Awards tonight at 7:30 at Centennial Theatre
February 28, 2009 | 784x
VIMFF “Finale” with VIMFF 2009 Film Awards; “The 5th Dimension” live multimedia presentation by world’s leading all around climber Alex Huber from Germany on his bold solos and speed climbs in Yosemite; and other VIMFF films: Cerro Torre (Bruno Sourzac and Ramiro Calvo climb the famous West Face of the granite monolith of Cerro Torre in Patagonia); Acopan (Stefan Glowacz, Kurt Albert and friends climb on the table mountain Acopan Tepui with its 700 m steep rock face in a remote region of Southern Venezuela); The Rock: Bouldering in Newfoundland (visually stunning exploration of bouldering in Newfoundland); The Walk of Life (the biggest and most difficult challenge of James Pearson's life - a vast blank slab on the Devon sea cliffs).

Tonight at VIMFF - Big Rock Evening with Sílvia Vidal, JP "PeeWee" Ouellet a.k.a. Crack Addict, and climbing films
February 27, 2009 | 729x
VIMFF “Big Rock Evening, presented by Boreal and Arc’teryx” with Spanish big wall diva Sílvia Vidal in “Solo Ascent, Shipton Spire (Pakistan)” from Sílvia’s 21-day epic solo single push wall climb; JP “PeeWee" Ouellet’s Crack Addict film with JP in person; and screening of other rock films:Uruca (cartoon character Hugo tries one of the hardest climbing routes at the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro); Azazel (humorous doc from a 19-day vertical trip on a big wall of Trango in Pakistan); Ice, Anarchy, and the Pursuit of Madness (Vince Anderson, Marko Prezelj and Steve House make the first ascent of an unclimbed Karakoram giant K7 West); To Hell and Back (frightening portrait of climber Dave MacLeod becoming obsessed with a new route in Scotland where falling off from the crux would have meant death).

Top Big Wall Climber Sílvia Vidal from Barcelona Tonight at VIMFF
February 27, 2009 | 709x
Sílvia's 21-day solo epic route on Shipton Spire in Pakistan is called "Life is Lillac" - why? "During the 21 days on the wall I suffered pretty bad bad weather: it snowed for 12 days. This meant that I climbed every day as much as I could until my hands and my head forced me to stop, except for one whole day which I spent on the portaledge. I spent so many hours inside the bivvy during these bad weather days that I tried to imagine what colour life is. And for me, at that moment, it was was lilac. This is how the name of the route came about: Life is lilac. Why not?" [SV]

Wandering Through Eastern Asia with Ed Jocelyn close to selling out tonight
February 26, 2009 | 633x
Tonight's show Wandering Through Eastern Asia at the Pacific Cinematheque at 7:30 with Ed Jocelyn's slide show and films doesn't have many tickets left. Tickets will still be available today at (604)984-4484 from noon - 5pm, and a limited amount at the door from 7pm. If you want to be sure to get in, please call in the afternoon or come to the door before 7pm, and avoid coming last minute. Tickets may be sold out shortly before the show.

Ed Jocelyn's "Ten Thousand Rivers, One Thousand Mountains" tonight at 7:30 at the Pacific Cinematheque
February 26, 2009 | 722x
Ed Jocelyn presents a modern odyssey through China. In five years, he walked 8,000 miles from the lush forests of the south, across the great ranges, prairies and swamplands of Eastern Tibet, and into the arid “yellow earth” of China’s northwest territory. What began as a simple, if ambitious, piece of historical fieldwork became a tumultuous journey into the heart of a little-understood country. By turns welcomed, feted, shunned and arrested, Ed traveled through many areas never before visited by foreigners. Through pictures and stories, Ed pieces together a journey that began idealistically, passed through compulsion and self-destruction, and ended, possibly, in a kind of liberation. Also tonight on the same evening the following films will be screened: Journey of a Red Fridge (a story of a 17-year-old boy named Hari Rai and his extraordinary journey with the red fridge on his shoulders through the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal); Hope in the Himalayas (Short inspiring documentary about an orphanage in the mountains of Nepal); Komi, a Journey Across the Arctic (document of a perilous four-month journey of the most ancient indigenous people of Siberia with their 5,000 reindeer).

Mountain Bike Film Xtravaganza Tonight
February 26, 2009 | 700x
VIMFF “Mountain Biking Evening, presented by Norco” is on tonight at the Centennial Theatre with North Vancouver local adventurer Pat Mulrooney’s slide show from ripping the trails the Chilcotin Ranges of BC; Dan Barham’s “everything” presentation of mountain biking images with music; Jamie Houssian’s “The Collective: A Look Back Behind the Scenes” – presentation on the art of shooting biking the most prolific and innovative mountain biking director; and screening of the sickest and dirtiest mountain biking flicks: Brocation (travels of Wylie Easton on his bike trips around the Lower Mainland and the Interior or British Columbia); Gobi (Two of the world's best freeride mountain bikers search for the ultimate riding experience in the Gobi Desert of China); Revolution One (Scenes from the upcoming unicycling film by Dan Heaton); Seasons – Festival Cut (scenes from the last year’s film by the Collective crew).

Tonight Ski Show is sold out!
February 25, 2009 | 647x
The tickets to the Ski Show tonight are now completely sold out. There will be a very small amount of tickets available at the door in case complimentary pass holders don't show up or people return their tickets. The doors will open at 7pm, and the show starts at 7:30pm. VIMFF “Ski Show, presented by G3” with Vancouver’s own Matt Gunn in a multimedia show “ South Coast Ski Touring & Mountaineering” on ski touring in the Southwestern British Columbia; Kari Medig’s “Cordillera Darwin Expedition” slideshow from Southern Patagonia; and screening of other VIMFF ski films: Arbitrary Winter (humorous look into one Canadian snowboarder’s season as he travels through the world on a quest to find the deepest powder); Sublimation Experiment (a handful of athletes advance their skills while struggling to integrate their passion for skiing and snowboarding with a sustainable lifestyle); AK The Hard Way (three unpolished athletes on a road trip and backcountry ski journey to Haines, AK); Daily Strips (action-packed humorous Chamonix-based ski film with an attitude); Hand Cut (old-timer wisdom blended with self-propelled, big mountain, lines from Alaska, British Columbia, and Colorado).

Tonight at VIMFF
February 24, 2009 | 714x
VIMFF “Paddle Sports Show” - guaranteed to keep you wet - with Squamish kayaker Bryan Smith in "The Headwaters of the Amazon…Peruvian Whitewater" multimedia show, as well as screening of his most recent recent film Eastern Horizons from paddling the Canadian East Coast oceans; Hayley Shephard’s “A Sacred Passage” – a solo sea kayak journey around the rich and wild coast of the remote Queen Charlotte Islands; and other paddling films: The Endangered Creeks Expedition (West Kootenay based collective of whitewater paddlers raising concerns over the invasion of private hydro-electric projects in BC); The Acobamba Abyss (three paddlers drop into the Acobamba River Abyss in Upper Amazon); Solo (Andrew McAuley sets out on his quest to become the first person to kayak from Australia to New Zealand across 1600km of one of the wildest and loneliest stretches of ocean on Earth).

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