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Return To The Tepuis

USA, 10 minutes, 2013
Directed by Joe Riis, Produce by Jenny Nichols
Screening: Enviro Show - Inspired By Nature, Wed Feb 12 @ 7:30pm (doors 7:00pm)
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A team travels to the top of the Tepuis of Guyana in search of an elusive pepple toad.

"I hear the most beautiful sound in the world," says Dr. Bruce Means. He is referring to the call of a toad that he and his expedition team - North Face Climber Mark Synnott and National Geographic contributing photographer Joe Riis - traveled a long way to find. All the way to the tops of the Tepuis of South America. The Islands in the sky. Means has a hypothesis that he calls a paradigm shift in all of the work up until now concerning the age of the species living on Tepui summits as well as the age of the Tepuis themselves. This little toad is the missing link. In this short film, the team braves the elements and first time repels into crevices in search of this illusive pebble toad. If they find this toad, will they make it back out of the crevice? The expedition to the Tepuis was made possible by National Geographic Expeditions Council.

This film was a collaborative effort between Joe Riis and Jenny Nichols.
Joe Riis is a wildlife photojournalist, born and raised in South Dakota on the Great Plains where he currently lives in a cabin that he built on the prairie. Trained as a wildlife biologist, he is also a core conservationist, believing that photographs can give wild animals and places a voice in our culture.
Jenny understands the power of visuals to effect positive change. She is now focusing all of her energy on visual storytelling and inspiring action through character-driven films and shorts. Blending new-media-savvy skills and a passion for conservation, Jenny brings energy and insight to the new communications landscape.

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