Monocyclette - one wheel across Patagonia

Cycle Travels Show
Sat Feb 8 @ 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)
Rio Theatre (ages 19+ only)

Live presentation by Anne-Sophie Rodet on her 6-month unicycle trip from Ushuaia, the Southern tip of South America, to Santiago de Chile. It involved fighting crazy Patagonian winds, taking on a lot of rain and riding on way to many gravel roads. Why would you ride 4600km on one wheel?

Anne-Sophie Rodet, originally from France, has been living in Vancouver, Canada for six years. She has been unicycling since she was six years old. She is the 2010 American Champion in Mountain Unicycling (MUni) Technical Downhill and the 2012 World Champion in MUni Obstacle, 30 and up. Her latest adventure was touring on her unicycle through Argentina and Chile in 2013.