The American Alps Traverse

Ski Mountaineering Show
Tue Feb 11 @ 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)
Rio Theatre (ages 19+ only)

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, longtime Mountaineers member and current Historian Lowell Skoog became intrigued by the idea of skiing the North Cascade crest in a continuous path. He focused on the area between the North Cascades Highway and Glacier peak, calling the 100-mile route the "American Alps Traverse." Envisioning a two-week trip, he set off on his odyssey in the spring of 1991, only to come up short due to weather. Years passed. Lowell moved on to other objectives, leaving the American Alps Traverse unclimbed.

Kyle Miller and Jason Hummel. A backcountry split boarder, Kyle left normal civilization behind to pursue a life in the mountains 10 years ago. Kyle met Jason in 2009, and they formed a tight partnership. A photographer and backcountry tele skier, Jason captured their adventures skiing steep lines on big mountains.
For years they joked about completing the American Alps Traverse. Then, in June 2013 they embarked on the ambitious plan. Unlike Lowell's project to ski the Cascade Crest in sections, the "American Alps Traverse" would become a continuous push from Highway 20 through Glacier Peak in a single trip. In 16-days, Kyle and Jason covered 120 miles and 60,000 feet of elevation -  1,000 knee-wrenching feet gained or lost for every mile. This is their story.
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