Alone on Big Walls

Big Wall Climbing Show
Sun Feb 9 @ 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)
Centennial Theatre

Exploration. Adventure. Solitude.  The spirited Catalan climber, Silvia Vidal seeks these three elements on her big wall sojourns. Vidal has climbed some of the most impressive walls on the planet – and many of them as lengthy solo ascents. From Turnweather Peak and Mt. Asgard in Baffin Island to opening new routes in Peru, India, and Pakistan, Vidal’s list of accomplishments is extraordinary.
She comes to VIMFF with stories and images from one of her most recent adventures. In 2012 she opened a new route on Espiadimonis (1500 meters) on the Serrania Avalancha wall in Chilean Patagonia – spending 32 days alone on the wall. Just getting to the mountain was an epic. The approach began with crossing a lake in an inflatable boat, finding her way through a forest with a machete before crossing two rivers, and carrying five 80-pound haulbags during several trips. Once on the wall, Vidal spent 32 days in her portaledge, unable to move because of persistent rain, and with no means of communication.

Silvia Vidal is known for a rather unusual discipline. She is a specialist in technical bigwall solo climbs. Amongst her favorite climbing grounds are Patagonia and the Himalaya. She is a very puristic athlete spending months without phone or connection to the outside world on her expeditions. For her it is a conscious choice of isolation. The purest way of enjoying the wilderness and beauty of our planet.
She has climbed big walls around the world, mostly in remote mountain ranges, where she prefers the isolation and also experiencing new and interesting cultures. She has done multiple trips to the Karakorum in Pakistan, climbing the first ascent of Brakk Zang (5850m) and also opening “Life is Lilac” (A4+ 6a) on Shipton Spire after 21 days alone on the wall.
She has also climbed many big walls in Baffin Island, The Cordillera Blanca (Peru) and The Indian Himalaya.