Up, down and around. The N.Z. south island by bike

Cycle Travels Show
Sat Feb 8 @ 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)
Rio Theatre (ages 19+ only)

Planning for six weeks seemed like a good amount of time to tour around the south Island. Visiting a stunning country with diverse and breathtaking scenery wherever we traveled left us wanting more, 3 months perhaps, maybe more.
Initially we traveled south to take advantage of the remains of summer and longer daylight hours. But, NZ is not a place were you can really plan to use the weather to your advantage, so expect to get hammered by headwinds, attacked by sandflies, and confronted by large and numerous hills which ever way you head. And expect rain, especially on the west coast, a lot of it.
Throughout our travels we shared meals with strangers, sent postcards to friends, and camped in all variety of places. We ate well and loved the fresh air, but for me, my lasting impressions are the NZ landscape, the ever changing landscape. Sometimes bike touring is too fast.

Stu Coleman

"I once aspired to make a living as a sports photojournalist, and for a number of years did. Whether it was for work in the canyons of Switzerland, an expedition to the volcanoes of Kamchatka or a weekend hiking trip in the alpine, I always ended up just shooting more for myself. Now, I am a carpenter and my camera is my journal." 
It all started on a small tricycle tearing down the side of the house, then it was a slightly bigger BMX that was ridden too often on the beach. Since then there have been many bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, stolen bikes (mine) and now a touring bike with squeaky brakes.
Although Stu’s first bike tour was a 2 day, 50km epic in the Australian high country, a few things have changed. Other bike trips include touring around the Olympic peninsula and cycling down the Oregon coast to northern California. The most recent trip headed south to New Zealand with his partner Anik.