Nine fun and family oriented films for BC's Family Day - bring the kids for free and inspire the family to chase adventure.

Rio Theatre, 2:00pm - ages 12 and under FREE*

(* 2 free children's tickets for every regular ticket purchased)

WHAT WERE YOU DOING AT 10? (Canada, 4 minutes, 2013, dir. Stuart Andrews)
Seth Sherlock, aged 10, rides his bike a lot better than accomplished riders twice his age.
MY LIFE - THE BIG CLIMB (Northern Island, 28 minutes, 2012, dir. Des Henderson)
Ella Kirkpatrick from Sheffield plans to be the youngest girl ever to make it to the top of El Capitan in Yosemite.
THE JOY OF AIR (Canada, 4 minutes, 2013, dir. Bryan Smith)
Leave the ground beneath your feet. Rise up.
LIFE ON ICE (USA, 15 minutes, 2013, dir. Greg Chaney)
What does it look like when two veteran adventurers set out on a two-month expedition across North America's largest glacier --- with two kids in diapers?
CAVE UNICYCLING (UK, 6 minutes, 2013, dir. Michael and Katie Garrett)
Some call it Cave Unicycling, others Uni-caving, most call it madness.
IN SEARCH OF FIRE (South Africa/Lesotho/Germany, 11 minutes, 2011, dir. René Eckert)
Riders from distant cities have created a small but thriving scene in one of snowboarding's most remote outposts.
A HAND TO STAND (Canada, 20 minutes, 2013, dir. Lindsay Marie Stewart & Matt Miles)
Seven Indigenous students in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest build their own wooden stand up paddleboards, using traditional knowledge in a modern day world.
THE QUESTIONS WE ASK (Canada, 4 minutes, 2013, dir. Kalum Ko)
Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby crosses the Georgia Straight on a stand up paddleboard, and ponders the true meaning of adventure.
SUPER MOM (Canada, 10 minutes, 2013, dir. Mike Douglas)
Wendy Fisher was the most dominant female Big Mountain Freeskier in the world - then she had kids.