7 mouth-watering, action-packed films - the majority of which are from right here in our back yard.

Centennial Theatre, 7:30pm

DEBORA DE NAPOLI - No Mountain is Bigger Than Life
Debora shares her personal story, the challenges she faced in being a first-time adventure filmmaker, and her hope that we will no longer ask ourselves: "Where Are The Women?" in mountain films.

FLOW: THE ELEMENTS OF FREERIDE (USA, 3 minutes, 2013, dir. Oly Mingo)
Flow uses creative graphics and sound design to bring the viewer uncomfortably close to the action.
LIFE CYCLE PROJECT (Canada, 15 minutes, 2013, dir. Debora De Napoli)
Debora De Napoli’s mountain bike challenge – undertaken for very personal reasons – truly inspires life, adventure, and everything!
(Canada, 35 minutes, 2013, dir. The Coastal Crew)
A raw look at the talents of the next wave of riders and photographers. Come face to face with their diverse styles as they take on new lines and new places.
BE THE TRAIL (Canada, 5 minutes, 2013, dir.  Morgan Edwards, Michelle Peters, Logan Tacoma)
Sometimes to be a better trail rider, you need to throw caution to the wind and turn mountain biking convention on its head...
THE ESCAPE (Canada, 17 minutes, 2013, dir. Dan Barham, Seb Kemp, Andy Rogers)
Two mountain bikers set forth from Whistler to circumnavigate the Strait of Georgia by bicycle.
THE HAUTE ROUTE - LIFE IS A PASS (Switzerland, 16 minutes, 2013, dir. Tom Malecha)
Two friends set out to ride the world's most famous ski tour - on their mountain bikes.
NOT BAD (Canada, 30 minutes, 2013, dir. Anthill Films)
NotBad is all about having a good time, all while pushing the limits of biking in every discipline.

MC Jeff Bryson
"I love my family, friends, riding bikes, working with my hands, teaching and mechanics.  I’ve been into bikes my whole life, ever since I can remember.  At age 13 a bike shop opened up down the street from where I lived and at that point bikes became my life.  Right after high school I moved to North Vancouver to ride the North Shore.  I have never looked back."
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