Five films highlighting the beauty of Planet Earth and some of the problems we need to fix if we are to keep enjoying this natural playground.

The Cinematheque, 2:00pm

I AM RED (USA, 4 minutes, 2012, dir. Pete McBride)
A video poem to highlight the beauty and challenges of this national icon, American River's Most Endangered River for 2013.
THE WATER TOWER (USA, 28 minutes, 2013, dir. Pete McBride)
Stunningly beautiful cinematography, danger and deep humanity mark this unique film.
THE FORTUNE WILD (Canada, 22 minutes, 2013, dir. Ben Gulliver)
A small group of surfers set out to seek their own kind of riches on some of the most remote beaches of the Canadian coast.
STREAMS OF CONSEQUENCE (USA, 17 minutes, 2013, dir. James Q Martin)
Illustrating the audacious beauty of Patagonia, and exploring progressive, realistic alternatives to the dams threatening the region.
STEPS - A JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF CLIMATE CHANGE (Switzerland, 50 minutes, 2013, dir. Philipp Eyer and Stephan Herrmann)
STEPS pursues the question of whether or not snowboarding and skiing in today’s world can be done in harmony with nature.