If you get excited about going light and fast, climbing beautiful peaks and skiing steep lines, this is the night for you!

Rio Theatre (ages 19+ only), 7:30pm

KYLE MILLER & JASON HUMMEL - The American Alps Traverse
In 16-days, Kyle and Jason covered 120 miles and 60,000 feet of elevation -  1,000 knee-wrenching feet gained or lost for every mile. This is their story.

LET'S GO GET SMALL (Norway, 35 minutes, 2013, dir. Fred Arne Wergeland)
Dave Treadway goes to explore the Canadian coast range to ski Monmouth mountain.
MISSION ANTARCTIC (France, 38 minutes, 2013, dir. Guido Perrini)
Xavier de le Rue and Lucas Debari get on a boat to Antarctica to discover a whole new level of riding terrain.

MC Ryan Bougie
"I grew up in Greater Vancouver to a non skiing family. School trips to Whistler got me hooked on skiing.  As early as possible, I moved to Whistler to pursue skiing as much as I could.  I was hired by the ski patrol where I work as an on hill Paramedic.  In my free time I ski in the backcountry with friends.  Last year I took as season off work to ski tour to Alaska."